New Years is Heres!
Thursday, January 5th, 2012

2012 is here! Last year went by so fast and I'm super excited about the start of 2012! 2011 was really good for my wife and I. We bought our first house and started fostering for the local SPCA. Our older cats got along so well with the foster kitties that we ended up adopting them. Now they out number us and are getting organized! Oh noes!

Professionally, I gained a little bit of ground on expanding my client base. I did a lot of work including my first children's book with local author Joe Wilson to create "Beach Smart". All this work has allowed me to upgrade my equipment, build an emergency fund for the business, and set aside funds for future expences. I revised the website several times over and am very pleased with how it's finally organized. I'm still a little new on more advance aspects of coding. Each revision is an adventure but a welcomed one. I know enough to not be dependent on a 3rd party content management system who's code makes my head spin so I'm glad for that.

I'm looking forward to 2012 for many reasons. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish this year and I can't wait to dive into all of them. Here's a brief run down:

Expanding my portfolio is a big goal for 2012. With it I hope to expand my customer base with a focus on kids markets and self-publishing. I'm really excited about the possibilities in the budding e-publishing markets. In many ways it feels like the early days of the internet when everyone was still trying to figure out how best to utilize it. I'm hoping my albeit limited experience with web design and page layout with lend themselves to this new venture. I'm using Google Calendar to help map out my projects for the next three, six, and twelve months. With everything going on in addition to what I want to accomplish this has helped me tremendously.

Be More Active. Participate more in online communities. Attend professional conventions and actually meet some of the wonderful people I only know online.

Finally, I want to do a comic strip. There I said it. For all the world to see. I created both a strip and single panel cartoons for the college newspaper back in the day and I want to do that again. The web is a perfect place for creators so all I need is an idea to jump off of.

So that's it for now. Yet another 2012 blog post but this one is mine. I hope to follow up around this time next year to review everything I accomplished. Warts and all. Until then, keep drawing!

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