Satyrs, Harpies, & Faeries, oh my!
Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

While I'm hard at work on the tokens for my next Pauper event I wanted to show off a few tokens I recently finished. Say hello to the new Satyr & Harpy tokens exclusively for all your heroes' adventures in Theros!

Satyr & Harpy Tokens - Cullen Cox

But that's not all! Remember the blue Faerie I created last year? Check out her sister token:

Faerie Tokens - Cullen Cox

With Bitterblossom recently being unbanned in Magic the Gathering's Modern format now is a great time for show off the black faerie token I've had hidden away for almost a year. Conceived as a two-card design with the blue faerie that was released from the "Magic Pauper Vault" last January, I'm really excited they will finally be able to fly together.

These new tokens are now available in my online store! There's even more to come. Including a few tokens specifically for Commander. I can't wait to show those off!

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