Beach Smart
Thursday, November 17th, 2011

This weekend is the local kick off event for Beach Smart, the children's book I worked on over the summer. I had a great time working on it and am really excited to finally see it in print. The story centers around Buford the seahorse. Buford is on a mission since he was made professor of Beachology by His Majesty, ruler of all the oceans. Now it is Buford's job to make sure ALL visitors are Beach Smart and can pass "His Majesty's Tests." Since tests are easy IF you know the answers, Buford swims the reader through situations they might encounter in and out of the water.

I showed off a sneak peak of some of the the artwork from the book in August but here's a little more. Enjoy!

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Beach Smart Beach Smart Beach Smart
Beach Smart

Beach Smart by Joe Wilson is available now on Check it out!
Beach Smart by Joe Wilson

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