Angels & Spirits
Monday, April 23rd, 2012

This weekend I held another of my Standard Pauper events for Magic the Gathering at the local game store. As a way of making these events special I create two exclusive tokens for all the participants and as customary with my Pauper events the winner gets to suggest a future token. The winner from my previous event wanted Spirit tokens, which are seeing a lot of play right now, so I was happy to oblige. In addition to the Spirit tokens I created an Angel token which are featured prominently in the latest Magic set 'Avacyn Restored'. Here's how they turned out:

Angel & Spirit Pauper Tokens - Cullen Cox

I had a great time creating them and they were very well received by the players. Both pieces are now a proud part of my portfolio. I really enjoy applying my cartooning skills to fantasy settings such as these and I am already hard at work developing sketches for future tokens. Enjoy!

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