(Almost) Nobody Cares - WIP Process
ThursDAY, April 14, 2011

Recently I had the opportunity to do some illustration work for an upcoming article for a friend's blog and was excited to help out.

I wanted to show off what the process was like in creating the artwork that accompanied the article. Above is the finished illustration but below is a brief look at how we got there. When we intially started off the project he already had several great ideas for the concept of how people are, in general, overly concerned about what others think about of themselves. To the extent that even the slightest of mistakes, like spilling a small beverage or toilet paper on your shoe, would be horrible. With those concepts I developed these initial rough sketches:

The client selected the first sketch and we developed it a little further and made some additions based on their feedback and to enhance the overall scene. Here's what we came up with:

With the approved sketch I began the coloring process by inking the line art and then laying in the initial colors.

After taking a look at the first iteration of color, the client wanted to make a slight change to the amount of spillage featured in the artwork. We toned it down a bit and the client was excited about the changes:

From there I continued to develop the colors, including toning down for of the line art in the background and adding additional lightning in the foreground until we came to the final artwork. Here it is again:

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