What Did I Draw?
TuesDAY, March 1, 2011

Here's a quick sketch I worked on while taking a break for another project today. I'm not really sure what that mini-monster is suppose to be exactly but the other characters in the piece are obviously are not too sure about it either. Really happy with how it came together as well as my ease in executing what I wanted to do. Over the last year drawing digitially in Adobe Photoshop CS3 has really become second nature to me and I'm really excited about what lies ahead. I have a lot of things artistically I want to accomplish this year and I'm only just getting started. Can't wait. Additionally this piece is now my first entry in the Sketchbook Month for March started by Cedric Hohnstadt. Each weekday I'll be adding something new right here!

In other news this month is going to be super crazy for me. Getting ready for a move, finishing and starting projects days apart from each other while looking for even more at the same time. It's been busy but in a good way. Now I just have to maintain momentum.

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