Zombie Token Art - Revised Color WIP
Zombie Token Art - Revised Color WIP

This week I switched gears from other projects to finalize the second of the two exclusive token cards for my upcoming Pauper Magic event. I've come along way in laying out and coloring the environment for the piece and am happy with where its at. The head is still in a state of flux and a few other minor details I want to work on but it's nearing completion nicely.

A big challenge I faced when working on this piece was getting the environment to gel with the figure as I envisioned it. I was, in essence, trying to squeeze a bit too much detail into the background. After a few tries I was finally able to adjust the background to my liking. Additionally, other project deadlines have meant I've only worked on it sparingly until now. October has had plenty for me to do with a deadline looming every week. Being able to give my full attention to finalizing the piece has helped tremendously in bringing it all together.

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