Artifact Token - WIP 2
Artifact Creature WIP 6

Here's an updated image of the latest Pauper token I've been working on. I wanted to get as far as I could on it before heading out on vacation so I wouldn't have too much to do other than tweaking colors and the printing itself to deal with when I got back. As you can see I went with the inked version instead of the more painted version I alluded to in my previous post. I worked on that for a few days and was finding it difficult to really push the colors I wanted. Because of the grayscale underpainting I developed, most of the colors were coming out muddy and I opted to go with this for now and try to revisit that approach at a later point when I have more time to explore it. I'm probably about 85% done with this one and I've got one main element I want to add in as a finishing touch so I should be able to knock that out fairly easily when I return. Enjoy!

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